Ho Mann Jahaan: Refreshing, Beautiful & Entertaining.

56151a1d47b48Refreshing Start, immersive throughout, excellent execution and beautiful music.

Ho Mann Jahaan had everything that a modern day movie should have. It was relatable, it was not far fetched and it all seemed honest. This was a movie based on the life of three friends from College,  how their lives were interconnected and how events unfolded as time progressed. I know it all sounds like an over used and cliché idea. But the way it was executed, connecting with how the different facets of society and family structures in Pakistan operate did not allow the viewer to think ‘cliché’ even once. And the way it was panned out, it all linked back together like a well direction-ed, well steered boat. In the end Converging together with the initial message of the film, ‘dosti'(Friendship).

Ignoring the occasional flaw when the musician’s fingers or hands were not moving on the guitar yet the tune was altering. The direction, the location and the way in which the film was paced was impeccable. It did seem a bit of a drag a little before and after the intermission, but that effect was unnoticeable when fused with beautiful yet refreshing music. And understandably it seemed vital to the stroy, the film would have felt incomplete without all those little scenes, connections and details.

None of the characters seemed unnecessary, everyone on-screen had some part to play. And everyone played their part near perfect. Be it the evergreen Bushra Ansari, the beautiful Mahira Khan, Adeel Hussain or Sheheryar Munawar. Each actor had a distinctive character, no one seemed to be put on the sideline and none of the characters seemed fake. Which is extremely important because the actors need to believe in characters as a start to even have a chance of making the audience believe.

The music was the undisputed star of this movie. Considering that the plot was largely based on music, the art itself. The film shined in the music that it brought forward. Be it the beautiful Balochi tunes, Atif aslam’s Dil Kare, the pure entertainer Shakar Wanda or most importantly the classical Revitalized Zoheb Hassan and Nazia Hassan’s ‘Dosti’. This particular song may I add fit perfectly with the story line of the movie.

Besides all the technical aspects of the movie. In the end what does it or breaks it for the viewer is whether he/she is able to ‘feel’ with the movie. Does the viewer walk out of the theater with a smile on his/her face? This movie was able to create that feel and that is why I loved this movie.

This is indeed a wonderful start to the New Year and a wonderful first step of the year in the revival of the Pakistani Film Industry.