Vision In a place where not even half of the population has access to good quality, up to the standard education, let alone access to the internet. We still see stars shine from these ashes. A country who’s IT sector is almost non-existent, yet we see hope when extremely young and talented individuals work towards achieving the extra ordinary, one of these individuals is the owner of this blog who promises to light a torch in this darkness of the IT sector, be sure to visit and to support. A more connected and advanced Pakistan is what we need to strive for.

A Hero within our ranks

It has been for so long that Pakistan faces this menace of extremism, slowly and slowly, this poison eats away our country bit by bit and we continue to watch it from afar because either we have managed to avoid it in our lives or we are in fact the champions of our own extremist ideology. So many innocent lives have been taken by this poison, whats worse then that blood is the fact that there are still people out there who actually wear that crown of spiritual satisfaction and support those who have killed our people because of their alleged beliefs. Its not uncommon that people belonging to minority religious beliefs are persecuted, it is not uncommon that places of religious worship are burnt to ashes and the slaughtering of entire families is also not uncommon. Despite all that, there are very few who speak out against it, there are very few stand to protect the minorities because of the fact that they are human and Pakistani. Heroes like Salman  Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti are labelled as blasphemers and killers, murderers like Mumtaz are crowned as saviors of Islam. The Religious clerics make it their duty to label people as infidels (kaafirs) as they feel that it is they who are to decide the correctness of someone’s beliefs and not the Almighty, they have used their influence to instigate violence against minorities, they teach their students in their Madarssahs to be intolerant, they teach them to go out there and kill, the use religion as a tool for their evil motives, instead of spreading the word of Allah in mosques they indulge in hate speech, they encourage their pupils to go ahead and join terrorist factions and work against the integrity of Pakistan and its people. Yet very few have the courage to speak out against them because, one accusation can change the entire dynamics of ones life or even an entire community. We’ve seen entire colonies burnt down, men, women and children killed, 1 unborn baby, 2 girls, 1 woman were burned alive in Gujranwala because of the fact that they were labelled as ‘Kaafirs’, most recently a Christian couple was also thrown into a brick kiln. There are thousands of such other incidents similar to these equally barbaric and inhumane. We as Muslims and Pakistan as a state has taken a pledge to protect the minorities of this country, it is our responsibility, what are we if we cant even uphold a pledge that we have taken? Where is cleric’s religion when he violates that pledge that he has taken? Why does a person’s faith matter when it comes to him being a good or bad person?

“Beware!  Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud)

Although there are so many who are silent, we occasionally see a hero rise within our ranks, a hero who is fearless and wants to eradicate this poison. One such hero is Mohammad Jibran Nasir, it is difficult to do his work justice with just words but I will try my best. He has since the very start spoken out against all those using religion as a tool to further their agenda of hate, he has been of the most vocal supporters of minority rights in Pakistan. He recently launched a protest outside the Lal Masjid to demand the arrest of Abdul Aziz, a man who has openly supported the Taliban, a man who has at every point in his life worked against the interests of Pakistan and is responsible for too much of innocent blood through his hate instigating teachings, he was the man who taught his pupils at the Lal Masjid to sympathize with the Taliban, the killers or our people and to fight for them and he left even them to die when he escaped in a burka from the masjid because to him nothing is more important than his life. Mohammad Jibran’s campaign has not only been to have him arrested but it is to make people realize that there are hundreds of others doing exactly what Abdul Aziz has done and is doing, we must speak out against them we must protect our people, we must not let them be judge of others faiths and beliefs. Jibran in this campaign has received death threats from various terrorist factions, those militant outfits that have killed hundreds of thousands of men, women and children of Pakistan that are now trying to protect Abdul Aziz. Mohammad Jibran has openly spoken out against them despite the threats, he has pointed each and every one of them out, at a point where even the state of Pakistan seems a bit back handed, Jibran has looked directly in the eyes of the enemies of Pakistan and stood his ground, he was called an infidel(Kaafir) yet he was not shaken, his faith was questioned but that did not bring him down. He is right now fighting a battle for the future of this country, he right now is rooting out this poison that spreads in Pakistan, I salute him for his bravery, he is the hero Pakistan needs but we have not done much to deserve him.

Our Flawed Perception of Democracy

One of Pakistan’s favorite past time is to sit in drawing rooms, sip tea and discuss politics. Many discuss how Imran Khan going towards his political doom by making unreasonable demands and holding protests which may not take him anywhere, some believe that Imran is taking Pakistan towards a revolution and how tomorrow when they switch the TV on, they will suddenly be living in a Utopian Pakistan where everything is Perfect, some critically oppose Imran and claim that democracy is being hurt and that Prime Minister Nawaz should continue to rule so that democracy lives.

While picking sides on who is right and who is wrong, we many times forget our own side, we forget the side of our own Pakistanis, we forget that democracy is there because of us and not the other way around. We become blind by in our quest to topple the government and live in Utopia the next day, we become cold blooded in our desire to save the Parliament and Government which we like to define as ‘democracy’. In this battle of “Revolution” vs “Democracy” we fail to understand its purpose, we only keep our eyes on the battle waiting for the victor and hope it is the side we support.

Most people in Pakistan agree to the fact that there was massive rigging in the 2013 General Elections, however many choose to accept it for the sake of stability, many term it as ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ and very few are enraged by this rigging. So what “democracy” do we stand by? What is our perception of “Democracy”? What is Democracy if “We the people” don’t decide who rules our country? What’s the difference between democracy and Monarchy when rulers are forced upon us by fake ballots simply under the banner of democracy? What is the purpose of democracy if not to ensure basic human rights for the common man? Where was democracy’s justice when people are killed and assaulted by the state? What’s democracy if critical media channels are shut down by force secretly to control the flow of information to the common man? Is this the democracy we defend? Is this the democracy we champion? It is not democracy which is flawed but it is our perception of democracy which flawed which has led to all the injustices in our country go unpunished. We see the battle in Islamabad as merely a battle between the state and opposition and a battle for the throne, we must not let it turn into a battle for the throne, we must acknowledge the importance of fair ballot. How can we trust those who cheated our right to vote that they will make sure that doesn’t happen in the future? How can we trust the very people who cheated us to protect us from being cheated again?

I was not old enough to vote in the 2013 General Elections, but i will be in the next elections, i certainly don’t want my vote being changed or disregarded, my vote may be different to that of the majority and may have no effect on the result but it will be mine, it is my right to choose and no one has the right to make that decision for me. I hope no Pakistani would want their vote to be changed or unfairly cast. That’s whats this battle is about, so that in the future my vote or anyone else’s is not cheated. No one wants to go down to the polling station and find the entrances sealed and guarded by armed men and fake ballots being cast inside. Regardless of where our allegiances lie, we should not stand by our vote being robbed even if the result remains unchanged. In our opposition to one side we forget where we stand and go all in to eliminate the opponent forgetting our own principles.

Whatever we may expect from this alleged “Inqilaab”  (Revolution), may not be realistic but we can hope that maybe tomorrow, our ballot will have some actual power, maybe tomorrow, there will be a sense of accountability within this system maybe tomorrow will be the first step towards a brighter future.

The Nazis of this Age

The Second World War officially began in 1939 when the Nazi forces marched into Poland but the holocaust had begun way before that. When the Nazis came into power, they muscled through their ideology of being superior to everyone and how the Jewish population was somehow responsible for all the German problems. It cant be denied that the Nazis had considerable popular support throughout Germany when they first came to power, that can be attributed to Hitler’s public speaking skills. Most of the German people supported most of the actions of the Nazis including the expulsion of the Jews, at the same time most weren’t aware of the large scale ‘death camps’ that were established by the region or so history tells us. The Jews of Germany were stripped of all of their citizenship rights, they were hunted down and killed in camps especially set up to eliminate them, men, women, children and the elderly, no one was spared. Their rightfully gained property, business and belongings were also taken away and only those who managed to flee survived. Most of them fled to the land most of the world today recognizes as Israel. Not only the Jews but the whole world witnessed that dark phase of humanity and it was not tolerated by the world and the Nazis were fought and defeated.

Having known that the Jews went through such troubling times, I hoped that they would take it upon themselves that what happened with them, they will not allow that to happen with anyone else, I hoped that they would know the pain and will not allow anyone else to ever feel that pain. I hoped that the world would learn a lesson and not allow anything similar to ever take place in any part of the world against any particular group.

The State of Israel was established to be the safe haven for the Jews that fled, it was expected that they would not stand by let alone take part in similar policies that Nazi Germany carried out.  The state of Israel has occupied lands which are not rightfully theirs, they have taken land which does not belong to them, they have taken away the identity of the rightful owners and have made them stateless. Everyday the people in the Gaza strip and in the Palestinian authority are oppressed, civilians are targeted just because they stand for their rights, missiles are launched into civilian territories. Israel with the strong international backing has made sure that the Palestinian Authority is not recognized by the world. A bid for peaceful solution started early this year to establish a Palestinian Authority within Israel so that the two forces can peacefully co-exist but this like so many times before was not tolerated and  forceful occupation was looked upon favorably. Just in a few days 80 people have been killed by the the Israeli  forces in the Gaza strip which includes men,women and children, perhaps its a crime to speak up for ourselves, perhaps its a crime to speak up against oppression. The state of Israel are Nazis of this age, the Nazis of the previous age did not have powerful allies however Israel has ironclad allies by its side.

Even though Palestine is thousands of miles away from Pakistan, Pakistan is able to understand the pain and suffering of oppression, many innocents are killed in Pakistan by terrorism and Pakistan knows how it feels to shed the blood of its own people, its very own children. Just because terrorism is carried out under the state’s banner in Israel, it doesn’t justify it, it only makes it worse.

The People who changed my life

I usually write about Pakistan or issues relating to Pakistan but however today I will write about the people who shaped my life, I may or may not admit it but I love these people, in some part of life we may grow apart which I hope against but I will always remember them, I sometimes fear that the growing apart or pushing away part will be from my end. I was this solitude loving kid who did not talk much to others and was always lost in his own  thoughts (I don’t know what).

It was in Hyderabad that I spent my primary years of school, I spent a year in Toronto but I can’t recall more than a few names from there. In Hyderabad there was this person who was just like me, he was quiet and peaceful (turned out to be very violent when we were cornered by these other kids in the back alley, the other kids also turned out to be awesome people later on aswell). Me and this kid in Hyderabad did all sorts of weird(no, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter) stuff, we would take turns to go to the canteen and get stuff for the both of us, trust me it was like going to war. I particularly remember when I wasted a packet of lays when I tossed it up in the air and it never came down(went on the canteen roof), the kid reminded me of it my whole life, we used to have this awesome epic pair in which we used to plan that how everyone is wasting their life and have no purpose and we are awesome (I refuse to name the group), it was like an exclusive group, we used to give membership to other kids based on our  observation though by the end we had kicked out everyone as we turned out to be quite intolerant of everyone else’s views. I moved to Karachi and this kid went to Lahore but I am still in touch with this kid and I hope to be for a very long time. There were many other people in Hyderabad whom I never appreciated but realized after I moved to Karachi, I do occasionally have small talk with them but not that much and I regret growing apart from them.

After I moved to Karachi, I missed Hyderabad and its people but however here at discovery I met a whole army of people who shaped my life and I hope to be part of them for a very long time. There was this kid who was extremely violent and had an obsession with Friday (thank god, not anymore), he is still around and is the same awesome person. There was this kid who talk about how awesome was Canada and would make me miss my short time in Canada, he would call me in the most inhumane hours of the day and would call me so many time that considered changing my number, though I claimed to have hated it but now since he doesn’t anymore, I realize that I didn’t, that kid is still around and is still awesome. There was this kid who would make the most hilarious jokes, he would turn the most serious situations into very enjoyable ones, he was someone I think all of us admired and he understood everyone, that kid moved away to India and we no longer talk, the same connection no longer exists, being connected via social media is not the same as physically being there, it’s sad that we no longer talk and that he moved away but I know that he has a happy life and that’s what makes it all better. There was this other kid who also had an obsession with Friday, he also liked to tick people off in a cool way, he would love to talk about cows and goats and had the biggest heart ever however moving towards the end of discovery there was an abrupt change in him and he completely changed into another person, I still sometimes talk to him but there is no longer the same connection which was present before. There was this kid of who I was jealous (not proud of it), there was also a unneccesary chain of events one time in class which I still regret and hold myself responsible, I have however  apologized and tried to move on, this kid is a really cool person who is highly sensible at all times and can completely amaze you with all that he says (I’d rather not go in details),this kid like me was also from a small town(No. Hyderabad is not a small town) like me, he is someone who I can relate to, he moved to Lahore but I am still very much in touch with him and I hope to do so in the future. There was this kid who would say the most unexpected stuff at the most unexpected moment, he would give plot twists to very serious discussions, he would understand all burger talk at the same time he’ll understand Maila talk, i still haven’t figured whether he is a burger or a maila. There is this kid who would suddenly and most unexpectingly drop by at your house for most inconvenient moments although I am someone who like to be in solitude at home and I can claim to deny that I don’t like it but deep down, in one way or another it’s okay, this kid thinks way too much of me and I doubt whether I  can live upto expectation or not. There is this kid that we once tried to shove into a bin(i swear i wasnt part of it), he is an extremely annoying person but its really fun to annoy him, i sometimes think that I am turning into him and he also has an attention span of a bird, this kid is still around and pretty cool. At discovery there were not only kids who shaped my life but there were older kids(adults) who I highly respect and will always thank for my success. There was this older kid who always greeted me and everyone at the gate, he would know everyone’s name in school, he is awesome, he is an extremely honest person and I respect him a lot for his honesty. This older kid taught me Urdu and she always believed in me, though at times she would get mad but it was only for my better. This other older kid moved to UK but she was able to understand all kids and seriously made an effort to try and understand them better and i respect her for that. These two other kids are the people who are no less than artists, the are cousins and it is because of their hardworking and determination that discovery is everything that it is today (especially the little height older kid). These two older kids are more than artists, they are more than teachers, they are the shapers on life of so many children and they are their friends, these children including me will always have a special place for them. There were so many other people at discovery who shaped my life but it would take all eternity if I talked about everyone individually, they all had a lasting effect on my from those who would talk about bangladesh and bugattis to those who ‘reinforced’ you during assessments.

I came to defence campus after this and never did I think that I would find people who would shape my life as I did in Hyderabad and at discovery. There was this kid who was from Africa who turned out be nothing like an African. There was this kid who would get emotional over religion, at the same time this kid see batman as god (not literally), this kid turned out to be really cool but a but more emotional than I figured. There was this kid who is always high on water and has the tendency to jump on random people, he brings the fun at Funland. There was this kid who is extremely smart, who is a goody two shoes but always aims to be a badass, she is really cool but however hates it when asked about her cooking skills(none). There’s this kid with whom it’s weird to talk to when she is nice, if a sentence is completed without an insult, one considers that something is wrong, this kid is also really cool and is very ambitious.


All these kids had a lasting effect on my life and are extremely important and I hope to always be in touch with them throughout life.

The Divided Pakistan

Today my country ‘Pakistan’ is more divided then the Sub-Continent in the 1940s between the Hindus and the Muslims. Today people call themselves Balochis, Punjabis, Pakhtuns and Sindhis rather then calling themselves Pakistani. They put their provincial ethnicity before their ‘own’ country. People consider people from other provinces who speak different languages their enemies forgetting that they all belong to the same country. The people of Pakistan blame the government for all the problems in the country and don’t think about their own wrong doings. They litter on the ground and then complain about how this country is so unclean, they themselves bribe the police officer and then complain about the police being corrupt, they carry guns and then complain how everyone carry’s guns which makes the law and order conditions bad.

People like to blame other language speaking people for their problems e.g the Punjabis would blame the Sindhis for the country’s bad situation, the Sindhis would blame the punjabis for shortage of water. People like to stereotype about people, if one Sindhi is not a good person, they would blame the entire Sindhi population bad, If one Pathan is an extremist about religion the people would consider the entire Pathan population like that. If one Balouch is into guns and shooting etc they would consider the entire Balouch population in a similar way. People are hypocrites at one time they call themselves patriotic “Pakistani” at the same time they would call all the Sindhis thieves, illiterate, all the Punjabis selfish, all the Balouchs dangerous, all the Pakhtuns stupid, extremists. At this state of my country I honestly feel sorry that those people think that way.

Where all western countries have 2-5 political parties contesting for elections, here in Pakistan there are around 105 political parties contesting for elections which just about proves how divided Pakistan is today and how people only think about themselves and not for the country. Who they’ll vote for in the elections depend mostly on whether they are Punjabi,Sindhi,Balouchi or Pakhtun and whether they will do good for their “Province”. They’re voting pattern doesn’t necessarily depend on what’s good for the province, they tend to think more about themselves, they think that if they’re Punjabi they should also vote for a punjabi because he/she will give them (Punjabis) jobs, food etc. Similar way of thinking is present between all Sindhis, Pakhtuns and Balouchis. Keeping In mind this type of thinking, our country’s politicians have also adopted in such a way that they just try to please the people of one particular province they belong to, even if it means sacrificing the rights of other Pakistani citizens. Today Pakistan is in such a state that the people have lost faith and try their best to run away fron these problems rather than facing them. Over 53% people didn’t vote in the previous elections and a higher % of people not voting is expected this time.

The day the people of Pakistan unite and truly sacrifice for Pakistan, only then we’ll have the Quaid’s Pakistan. We need to get rid of these politicians and get ourselves a leader

“Today Pakistan needs a leader, not. Politician”

Long March. A Solution?

Currently Pakistan is going through some very bad times. Corruption, terrorism, high taxation, no human right, no justice, no law and order, shortage of gas, electricity and water rule the country. For all of this, the blame shall be put to poor leadership and lack of honesty and unity amongst the people of Pakistan and also the leaders. Dr.Tahirul Qadri who has been a Pakistani-Canadian a well known Islamic scholar with a lot of support in Pakistan, has come to Pakistan claiming that he’ll fight all of this by marching all the way to Islamabad and protest for the rights of the poor and speak for the poor. All of this may sound influential and a solution to the problems but that is not what this is. This is not a revolution, this is just a political move made by an individual, claiming it as a revolution, this will also end up as the previous long march quite a while back. The people of Pakistan are not uniting to fight the government for justice, its just Dr.Tahirul Qadri marching to Islamabad and only the people who support “Him” are taking part in this. The success of this march depends entirely on the political parties to support and take part in it and also the people who are supporting Dr.Tahirul Qadri and not the people who join it for the sake of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are not united and they are not uniting to fight for Pakistan, they are not going against the government because they want to (well they want to) but this is not a fight for themselves and Pakistan. This is just a fight Dr.Tahirul Qadri is asking them to fight. It cannot turn up as a success until and unless all the people of Pakistan unite as one force and fight for one cause and march alongside “One” leader, for “One” Pakistan.

Pakistan… A Democracy

Sometimes, I start wondering that if there was no corruption in Pakistan then Pakistan would prosper, but then at times I start to think that all Pakistan need is a good leader. I keep my hopes up and praying that someday our leaders will see the light and do the right thing. It is times like these when i tend to lose hope, I have acknowledged this for quite a long time now that the Balouchis haven’t been given any rights at all in any time in the history of Pakistan, they have never been let to step forward or considered an important part of Pakistan. I think we have started treating them the way we treated our Bengali brothers and i fear that someday we might lose Balochistan as well. Our leader don’t happen to give a damn about the people in Balochistan, actually our leaders don’t really give a damn about anyone but themselves. Recently there were 102 killings in Quetta because of terrorist activities that was due to lack of security and genuine concern. Even after this incident the people who died weren’t given any protection or right, they were forced to protest, the refused to bury their loved ones until they were given rights, they stood alongside the dead bodies of their loved ones for 3 days so far in the freezing cold, yet there was no response by the incompetent provisional government, and now the federal government had to do something about, because they were forced to and not because they wanted to. Yet it took 3 days of protest for the Prime-Minister to reach Quetta and all he’s done so far is just grant a 10 lac rupees to the families of the martyrs. This incompetent and inhumane government fails to understand that these people don’t want money, they want right! They want what they truly deserve, money isn’t going to bring their loved ones back. They want proper rights so that no one ever dies like those people ever again.

I stand alongside those people and demand the inhumane government to do something about it, I request the United Nations to do something about it. People dying is not a joke (well at least not for me it isn’t) and this inhumane government needs to go. The people in the government are not only corrupt and dishonest but they also have no sense of humanity. Those people are not only fighting for the 102 lives lost in Quetta but they are fighting for the millions of lives lost in Pakistan every year for no reason at all. If democracy means bloodshed and terror and no one there to give a damn about it then in that case, I curse this democracy and I say NO to this kind of democracy, Pakistan and the people of Pakistan deserve and know better than this.

Happy New year Everyone!

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! 🙂 And yes i know I am kind of late with my wishes but you know, it’s never too late. Well this is the start of the new year, I welcome 2013 with the best of my wishes. A new year has come and the previous one went past. 2012 has been a good year I will certainly miss it but you know what they say, “New is always better” *TrueStory*. I’ve had many wonderful moments in the past year the one I can recall is when I was given a surprise Birthday Party by my friends at school, it was completely unexpected, I had no idea that they were planning such a thing, and the awesome moment that they feared that I might not come to school on my Birthday and they’re surprise would go to waste, I must say that was epic!

Did i mention that this is also the third year for my blog, I started this blog in 2011 and now we’ve come to 2013, well it is true that time flies. Skim through my previous posts and relive the moments in the past two years. Thank you everyone for all of you’re support interest. I hope for all of you a great year. A whole life lays ahead, live life to its full extent and enjoy life, make it large and best of luck to everyone! 🙂

It is this Racism that holds our nation back!

It would be this day that I wouldn’t forget for a long time. I would particularly remember this as happy day or sad one either, I would think of it as being exposed to reality, being exposed to the racism in our society present today and then I would feel sorry for such racist people, who consider themselves as the most supreme. I was sitting in a waiting area at a cinema for my movie to start as it had apparently been delayed, i was there with my family, we were sitting in row and there were a group of three people sitting beside me. I was wearing my normal “okayish” clothes, jeans and a T-shirt. i was wearing specs which weren’t apparently fashionably “up to the mark”, and the chap-pal i was wearing was quite old and torn at some ends. Me and my family were conversing in Sindhi, and the people beside us thought that we are just some group of illiterate feudals, they started conversing in English thinking that we wouldn’t understand anything, I didn’t really pay attention to what the were saying but then they started staring at us, and then one of the women says “Sindhi hain!” in very taunting way to the other guy. I don’t know what she was trying to point out but, I was absolutely furious that moment, but however i didn’t say anything as I realized that I am better than them and i felt sorry for them for having such a backward mind.

It is because of people like them that our nation is suffering, people like them who only consider themselves as superior to others and don’t care about anything or anyone else. I hope they learn to be better people and get passed through this. Someday I wish to fill up this gap of ethnic racism and make people realize that, its not your race that defines you, it is your actions and your goodwill that does. I hope that people wouldn’t judge people on their race but on their Actions and Goodwill.