The Nazis of this Age

The Second World War officially began in 1939 when the Nazi forces marched into Poland but the holocaust had begun way before that. When the Nazis came into power, they muscled through their ideology of being superior to everyone and how the Jewish population was somehow responsible for all the German problems. It cant be denied that the Nazis had considerable popular support throughout Germany when they first came to power, that can be attributed to Hitler’s public speaking skills. Most of the German people supported most of the actions of the Nazis including the expulsion of the Jews, at the same time most weren’t aware of the large scale ‘death camps’ that were established by the region or so history tells us. The Jews of Germany were stripped of all of their citizenship rights, they were hunted down and killed in camps especially set up to eliminate them, men, women, children and the elderly, no one was spared. Their rightfully gained property, business and belongings were also taken away and only those who managed to flee survived. Most of them fled to the land most of the world today recognizes as Israel. Not only the Jews but the whole world witnessed that dark phase of humanity and it was not tolerated by the world and the Nazis were fought and defeated.

Having known that the Jews went through such troubling times, I hoped that they would take it upon themselves that what happened with them, they will not allow that to happen with anyone else, I hoped that they would know the pain and will not allow anyone else to ever feel that pain. I hoped that the world would learn a lesson and not allow anything similar to ever take place in any part of the world against any particular group.

The State of Israel was established to be the safe haven for the Jews that fled, it was expected that they would not stand by let alone take part in similar policies that Nazi Germany carried out.  The state of Israel has occupied lands which are not rightfully theirs, they have taken land which does not belong to them, they have taken away the identity of the rightful owners and have made them stateless. Everyday the people in the Gaza strip and in the Palestinian authority are oppressed, civilians are targeted just because they stand for their rights, missiles are launched into civilian territories. Israel with the strong international backing has made sure that the Palestinian Authority is not recognized by the world. A bid for peaceful solution started early this year to establish a Palestinian Authority within Israel so that the two forces can peacefully co-exist but this like so many times before was not tolerated and  forceful occupation was looked upon favorably. Just in a few days 80 people have been killed by the the Israeli  forces in the Gaza strip which includes men,women and children, perhaps its a crime to speak up for ourselves, perhaps its a crime to speak up against oppression. The state of Israel are Nazis of this age, the Nazis of the previous age did not have powerful allies however Israel has ironclad allies by its side.

Even though Palestine is thousands of miles away from Pakistan, Pakistan is able to understand the pain and suffering of oppression, many innocents are killed in Pakistan by terrorism and Pakistan knows how it feels to shed the blood of its own people, its very own children. Just because terrorism is carried out under the state’s banner in Israel, it doesn’t justify it, it only makes it worse.


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