The People who changed my life

I usually write about Pakistan or issues relating to Pakistan but however today I will write about the people who shaped my life, I may or may not admit it but I love these people, in some part of life we may grow apart which I hope against but I will always remember them, I sometimes fear that the growing apart or pushing away part will be from my end. I was this solitude loving kid who did not talk much to others and was always lost in his own  thoughts (I don’t know what).

It was in Hyderabad that I spent my primary years of school, I spent a year in Toronto but I can’t recall more than a few names from there. In Hyderabad there was this person who was just like me, he was quiet and peaceful (turned out to be very violent when we were cornered by these other kids in the back alley, the other kids also turned out to be awesome people later on aswell). Me and this kid in Hyderabad did all sorts of weird(no, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter) stuff, we would take turns to go to the canteen and get stuff for the both of us, trust me it was like going to war. I particularly remember when I wasted a packet of lays when I tossed it up in the air and it never came down(went on the canteen roof), the kid reminded me of it my whole life, we used to have this awesome epic pair in which we used to plan that how everyone is wasting their life and have no purpose and we are awesome (I refuse to name the group), it was like an exclusive group, we used to give membership to other kids based on our  observation though by the end we had kicked out everyone as we turned out to be quite intolerant of everyone else’s views. I moved to Karachi and this kid went to Lahore but I am still in touch with this kid and I hope to be for a very long time. There were many other people in Hyderabad whom I never appreciated but realized after I moved to Karachi, I do occasionally have small talk with them but not that much and I regret growing apart from them.

After I moved to Karachi, I missed Hyderabad and its people but however here at discovery I met a whole army of people who shaped my life and I hope to be part of them for a very long time. There was this kid who was extremely violent and had an obsession with Friday (thank god, not anymore), he is still around and is the same awesome person. There was this kid who talk about how awesome was Canada and would make me miss my short time in Canada, he would call me in the most inhumane hours of the day and would call me so many time that considered changing my number, though I claimed to have hated it but now since he doesn’t anymore, I realize that I didn’t, that kid is still around and is still awesome. There was this kid who would make the most hilarious jokes, he would turn the most serious situations into very enjoyable ones, he was someone I think all of us admired and he understood everyone, that kid moved away to India and we no longer talk, the same connection no longer exists, being connected via social media is not the same as physically being there, it’s sad that we no longer talk and that he moved away but I know that he has a happy life and that’s what makes it all better. There was this other kid who also had an obsession with Friday, he also liked to tick people off in a cool way, he would love to talk about cows and goats and had the biggest heart ever however moving towards the end of discovery there was an abrupt change in him and he completely changed into another person, I still sometimes talk to him but there is no longer the same connection which was present before. There was this kid of who I was jealous (not proud of it), there was also a unneccesary chain of events one time in class which I still regret and hold myself responsible, I have however  apologized and tried to move on, this kid is a really cool person who is highly sensible at all times and can completely amaze you with all that he says (I’d rather not go in details),this kid like me was also from a small town(No. Hyderabad is not a small town) like me, he is someone who I can relate to, he moved to Lahore but I am still very much in touch with him and I hope to do so in the future. There was this kid who would say the most unexpected stuff at the most unexpected moment, he would give plot twists to very serious discussions, he would understand all burger talk at the same time he’ll understand Maila talk, i still haven’t figured whether he is a burger or a maila. There is this kid who would suddenly and most unexpectingly drop by at your house for most inconvenient moments although I am someone who like to be in solitude at home and I can claim to deny that I don’t like it but deep down, in one way or another it’s okay, this kid thinks way too much of me and I doubt whether I  can live upto expectation or not. There is this kid that we once tried to shove into a bin(i swear i wasnt part of it), he is an extremely annoying person but its really fun to annoy him, i sometimes think that I am turning into him and he also has an attention span of a bird, this kid is still around and pretty cool. At discovery there were not only kids who shaped my life but there were older kids(adults) who I highly respect and will always thank for my success. There was this older kid who always greeted me and everyone at the gate, he would know everyone’s name in school, he is awesome, he is an extremely honest person and I respect him a lot for his honesty. This older kid taught me Urdu and she always believed in me, though at times she would get mad but it was only for my better. This other older kid moved to UK but she was able to understand all kids and seriously made an effort to try and understand them better and i respect her for that. These two other kids are the people who are no less than artists, the are cousins and it is because of their hardworking and determination that discovery is everything that it is today (especially the little height older kid). These two older kids are more than artists, they are more than teachers, they are the shapers on life of so many children and they are their friends, these children including me will always have a special place for them. There were so many other people at discovery who shaped my life but it would take all eternity if I talked about everyone individually, they all had a lasting effect on my from those who would talk about bangladesh and bugattis to those who ‘reinforced’ you during assessments.

I came to defence campus after this and never did I think that I would find people who would shape my life as I did in Hyderabad and at discovery. There was this kid who was from Africa who turned out be nothing like an African. There was this kid who would get emotional over religion, at the same time this kid see batman as god (not literally), this kid turned out to be really cool but a but more emotional than I figured. There was this kid who is always high on water and has the tendency to jump on random people, he brings the fun at Funland. There was this kid who is extremely smart, who is a goody two shoes but always aims to be a badass, she is really cool but however hates it when asked about her cooking skills(none). There’s this kid with whom it’s weird to talk to when she is nice, if a sentence is completed without an insult, one considers that something is wrong, this kid is also really cool and is very ambitious.


All these kids had a lasting effect on my life and are extremely important and I hope to always be in touch with them throughout life.


3 thoughts on “The People who changed my life

  1. Whattay a post jaani so lovely..vese I got the chance to read your other post, tum Yahoodi ho aur inki sazish mein mulawis ho! Sal gira ki eik video kya bana di tum ne aisa post dal diya ke jaise Allah maaf kare Cancer ki akhri stage pe ho

  2. The kids who had an effect on your life promise you,you had a better one on theirs. They love you so much and never want you to change. And they would like to assure your sorry ass that under no circumstances are they ever leaving. Leeches, these kids. They will suck the life out of you and you will never know what hit you. Happy birthday Princess.
    These kids are weird. Watch out,you stupid jerk.

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