Pakistan… A Democracy

Sometimes, I start wondering that if there was no corruption in Pakistan then Pakistan would prosper, but then at times I start to think that all Pakistan need is a good leader. I keep my hopes up and praying that someday our leaders will see the light and do the right thing. It is times like these when i tend to lose hope, I have acknowledged this for quite a long time now that the Balouchis haven’t been given any rights at all in any time in the history of Pakistan, they have never been let to step forward or considered an important part of Pakistan. I think we have started treating them the way we treated our Bengali brothers and i fear that someday we might lose Balochistan as well. Our leader don’t happen to give a damn about the people in Balochistan, actually our leaders don’t really give a damn about anyone but themselves. Recently there were 102 killings in Quetta because of terrorist activities that was due to lack of security and genuine concern. Even after this incident the people who died weren’t given any protection or right, they were forced to protest, the refused to bury their loved ones until they were given rights, they stood alongside the dead bodies of their loved ones for 3 days so far in the freezing cold, yet there was no response by the incompetent provisional government, and now the federal government had to do something about, because they were forced to and not because they wanted to. Yet it took 3 days of protest for the Prime-Minister to reach Quetta and all he’s done so far is just grant a 10 lac rupees to the families of the martyrs. This incompetent and inhumane government fails to understand that these people don’t want money, they want right! They want what they truly deserve, money isn’t going to bring their loved ones back. They want proper rights so that no one ever dies like those people ever again.

I stand alongside those people and demand the inhumane government to do something about it, I request the United Nations to do something about it. People dying is not a joke (well at least not for me it isn’t) and this inhumane government needs to go. The people in the government are not only corrupt and dishonest but they also have no sense of humanity. Those people are not only fighting for the 102 lives lost in Quetta but they are fighting for the millions of lives lost in Pakistan every year for no reason at all. If democracy means bloodshed and terror and no one there to give a damn about it then in that case, I curse this democracy and I say NO to this kind of democracy, Pakistan and the people of Pakistan deserve and know better than this.


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