It is this Racism that holds our nation back!

It would be this day that I wouldn’t forget for a long time. I would particularly remember this as happy day or sad one either, I would think of it as being exposed to reality, being exposed to the racism in our society present today and then I would feel sorry for such racist people, who consider themselves as the most supreme. I was sitting in a waiting area at a cinema for my movie to start as it had apparently been delayed, i was there with my family, we were sitting in row and there were a group of three people sitting beside me. I was wearing my normal “okayish” clothes, jeans and a T-shirt. i was wearing specs which weren’t apparently fashionably “up to the mark”, and the chap-pal i was wearing was quite old and torn at some ends. Me and my family were conversing in Sindhi, and the people beside us thought that we are just some group of illiterate feudals, they started conversing in English thinking that we wouldn’t understand anything, I didn’t really pay attention to what the were saying but then they started staring at us, and then one of the women says “Sindhi hain!” in very taunting way to the other guy. I don’t know what she was trying to point out but, I was absolutely furious that moment, but however i didn’t say anything as I realized that I am better than them and i felt sorry for them for having such a backward mind.

It is because of people like them that our nation is suffering, people like them who only consider themselves as superior to others and don’t care about anything or anyone else. I hope they learn to be better people and get passed through this. Someday I wish to fill up this gap of ethnic racism and make people realize that, its not your race that defines you, it is your actions and your goodwill that does. I hope that people wouldn’t judge people on their race but on their Actions and Goodwill.


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