Drone Attacks “An Act of terrorism” itself

In today’s modern times slavery isn’t present, well at least literal slavery. I personally am a patriot and a nationalist, today i would like to bring up the debate about drone attacks taking place in Wazirstan, Pakistan. Americans justify that they are trying to get rid of terrorism around the world, they are “trying” to get rid of terrorism around the world, even though they cannot vanish the daily acts of terror taking place in their own country! people are raped,murdered everyday in the United States.Killing terrorists  and their families, isn’t it an act of terrorism itself? Isn’t it provoking terrorism to spread and to increase, isn’t it provoking the terrorists? Why are terrorists killing and destroying the world? they aren’t killing and blasting because they like to do so there must be an internal reason for that! these terrorists are also human beings and i believe they can be dealt through peaceful acts, and no I am not taking the side of terrorists in this worldwide crises,but I believe in peace and tolerance and there is always a peaceful way. If you suspect a terrorists in a certain area, that doesn’t mean you blow up the entire area just to kill that one terrorist causing casualties. I say NO to drone attacks, I say NO to killing innocent people. Aren’t these drone attacks an act of terrorism itself? aren’t the American drones killing innocent people? “There’s always a peaceful solution, unless you don’t want there to be peace”


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