End of Year Blog Awards; Reality or Scam?

This blog was started in August 2011, and has been like your closest friend till now, this blog was or is a high contender for the blog awards which were suppose to happen in December 2011, but however its January 2012 and yet there is no sign of those so called blog awards.

So now the question come to that, were those blog awards a reality that is yet to come or was it just some kind of scam and trick? In my personal opinion the so called blog awards will not happen and the deep secret of that scam will be unleashed. Happy New year guyz have a great year! 🙂 This post is not being targeted towards anyone


2 thoughts on “End of Year Blog Awards; Reality or Scam?

  1. it is very clear that the blog is targetted towards me.

    the reason i postponed the awards was for you all to get used to blogging a little more.
    as a language teacher, i want my learners to keep writing.
    im glad to see that you consider your blog a friend.
    i wish to see the same for some more children.

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