Imran Khan’s Tsunami!!!

LAHORE: 30th October, 2011   at Iqbal park Minaret Pakistan, Imran khan the leader of the political party ” Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” held a jalsa called “hukoomat hatao mulk bachao” the jalsa was a huge success, i think people will be talking about it for a long long time, the Iqbal park was packed with people almost about 400,000 people and even more people were standing on the streets as there was no space left in the Iqbal park, a few days earlier other politicians thought that Imran was no threat to them and didn’t really give attentions to Imran’s PTI, but after the jalsa every politician was silenced and were scared, this was the first step of the “Change” Imran’s PTI might be huge threat to other political parties in the elections, this jalsa was to being change and to get rid of political mafia and corruption in the country as Imran said ” The change is not coming, It has come!” this jalsa proved that the people of Pakistan are tired of the corrupt politics around the country, and want a true leader and a savior of Pakistan.


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