Ms.Hira and her Non-existing new Phone :P

Our school coordinator, Ms.Hira Abdullah Khatri, has been using the same phone since 2005, its a Nokia phone from the Nokia 3310 series which is like one of the crappiest Nokia phones, her phone is very durable just like a rock, that’s the only good point about that phone otherwise its just an embarrassment to all, it doesn’t have a camera, it doesn’t have 16 colors it only has about 5-6 colors.

Well a few days back Ms.Hira said she’s going to get a new phone which will not embarrass her students, that was just a cover up, the truth is that she herself is embarrassed with that phone when meets all those BSS head and stuff.

At first she started searching for phones, but slowly and slowly she kept looking for a cheaper one so that she can save money, but then i came to know about her evil plan, she isn’t really going to buy a new phone she is just saying all this to make her students happy for little amount of time. So i have placed a bet with Ms.Hira that she will not buy a new phone, and her deadline is 9/11, if she doesn’t get a new phone till then, i will win the bet which will make me right and her wrong and then she’ll have to give all of us eidi.


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