The Iphone 4

Iphone 4, a fourth generation smartphone developed by apple.corp, It is particularly marketed for video calling, media like books,movies, music, and games, and for general web and e-mail access. It was released at 24th June 2010 around the world.

The iphone 4 runs on IOS operating system just like the previous iphones orignal iphone, iphone 3G and iphone 3GS.

It has retina display and controlled by multitouch which senses finger tips on the screen. The desgin of the iphone 4 is completely different than the previous iphones, it has a stainless steel frame which acts as the antenna of the phone, its only 9.4 mm thick,  it is covered with saphire glass coating on the back and the front to make it look stylish and strong.

It comes with 16GB and 32GB built in memory no extendable memory availible. It has a screen which is 110 mm high and 59 mm wide. It has a rear camera with 5.0 mp and HD ( 720p ) video recording and the front camera is 0.3 mp.

It has IOS 4.1 built which has ibooks an online bookstore, appstore which provides more than a 100 million apps, Itunes store with the latest and classic music, music videos even movies. It has multi-tasking support and game centre on which you can share your scores and play with your friends online. The iphone 4 has bluetooth capabilties and wifi with a decent range. You can also connect over a 3G network.

The iphone 4  ”This changes Everything.Again”


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